Sunday, February 7, 2010

Brave Story

And why all the trouble always fall down on the shoulders of young people, seeing someone special watching over them and said to her highness Fate, where and to whom it should send its next blow! Was no exception and our today's hero anime brave story "Wataru Mitani.Malchiku just 10 years old, he just is not the best among the" friends ", his family just in big trouble, why not try it on the morale and other human kachestva.Po my opinion, the ideal candidate, you do not you think? However, in our reality with you, for some reason, no unusual creatures, express wizards, witches, dinosaurs or mileyshih drakonchikov.A how else can you experience the real hero and a courageous cheloveka.Pridetsya just something to make up - so did the creators of this anime: they drawn the whole world (Vision) for our hero, so he was, where to turn around and show their various qualities: fear, courage, surprise, a shoulder to the courage, the will to win - the list goes on ... The question arises, what about Wataru learned of the existence of this world and its lofty mission? "The answer to this question lies in another major heroes of history - Mitsuro Ashikava - this is the key to all secrets of this mysterious adventure .... But he also Ashikava not so simple a character that we'll soon dogodalis what's what and whom should be "hurt" in this bitve.Lish the end of the anime cartoon creators will shed light on the role Ashikavi in this game called "life." Who really Ashikava and Wataru, friends or rivals? On this issue you'll find the answer yourself when you look at it anime.Ya mention only those characters that really helped good triumph over evil. (And do not be surprised this is still possible at least, this anime is one more proof that the most different and difficult life situations, it is a good way, and not to succumb to the circumstances and all the responsibility to pass on to others' shoulders or fate.) So, in this difficult struggle Wataru not be treated without Kaori-aid only by combining their efforts, Wataru able to see the goddess Sudby.A this in turn is not as easy as it seems at first glance: you surely have thought that, once inside, Vision, become a real magician and a magician, and all you begin to obey and fulfill your desires .... That's the way it is right, but not so - you first need to have "earned" the title of the traveler, and here a little fantasy, too: it is necessary to show more physical strength and smekalku.Zatem need to create a team assistants, associates, and just those beings whom you can trust one hundred percent! "In my opinion, this problem is also not an easy one - because in reality you also did not immediately find its true friend, and now more and extreme conditions .... What can you say - Wataru is clearly not to be envied!" Well, suppose You are a super-hero, and coped with all of these conditions ... What th ... obviously not enough. Ah, yes, of course! There are not enough any "production", which you, as a true "knight", are obliged to present his mistress - the goddess Sudby.V "Brave Story so trophies are five stones, the last one to get, of course, heavier vsego.A his name is - soon creeps over the skin - STONE TMY.I here, you seemingly already almost there, when suddenly - a new mystery - ozero.Imenno ice on it you will expect the hardest battle of all the anime - the battle with himself soboy.Kak we love to look for flaws and izyany our opponents - just call at least ten, if only we were given the opportunity to gloat .... And here is how to deal with yourself, how to win this battle and find my "I"?? "Here, no Magic will not help - here it is - the moment of truth has come! I will not open the veil of mystery, and say who will win this battle - I will only say one thing, opponents have been traditionally two: Wataru and Ashikava .... What do you think who will win the magic or the heart, wit or anger? Anime is recommended for viewing must! Yes, there is nothing sverhestvennogo, a set of "ingredients" fairly standard for such a "fairy tale." However, do not miss the chance to show this anime to its adult children - watch anime in one breath, and describes the many truths of life.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Sacred Blacksmith

Genre: adventure, fantasy

The plot-events in the world for a long time abiding in the War of the violated covenant, in which the fighting men and demons. As a result of tremendous efforts and huge casualties, managed to expel the demons from the real world, but as it turned out - nenadolgo.Glavnaya heroine Cecilia Campbell - beginner knight Haustaun-trading city in his first fight breaks ancestral sword, and almost killed by obsessed voina.V last the time it saves a strange guy Luke Eynsuord and the master katanoy.Vtoroy his specialty is the blacksmith's craft, and not just as alchemy, as a legacy from the sublime to the request mastera.No Cecilia recover the sword, he says decisively refused, arguing that works only for sebya.Vse same, resulting in much persuasion, he finds himself embroiled in the first battle with the demon, and later in a joint priklyuchenie.A where adventure - there is a battle, mystery, and, of course, love. Quality of design, character design, background, voice, staging fights - all at a high level.

The Book of Bantorra. Tatakau Shisho - The Book of Bantorra

Genre: Adventure Mysticism

When our life comes to an end and we are buried deep beneath the earth, our souls and become kameneyut books. Long ago, the goddess Bantorra, keeper of the deceased, founded the Library, which holds the history of life. Enough to touch a stone book, read it and you will see the secrets of life of its owner. Debt Martial Librarians store and protect the books. Well, times have Guardians, then there are those who oppose them. Caste Inoverov -organization, whose members do not want their books hit the library, motivate their actions a desire to get to Paradise. The true followers of caste in order to achieve their goals create villains - walking bombs. Moreover, the life they lead far nebezgreshnuyu, the desire to get to Paradise is particularly strange. Meseta Hamyutsu, Chief Librarian - a very sexy woman, has lots of different abilities and is opposed to the Head of caste, pale man with a vampire grin. There are conspirators, then there is a cunning plan - to extend Dragon fever, a terrible deadly disease. Only in the book Siron Byakonis can find the cure antidotes and be saved. The storyline of the series very confusing. It is particularly difficult to understand the events occurring in the initial series. It is hoped that the writers at least to the middle of the series will shed light on mysteries and confront the Guardians Castes, because the idea is quite interesting.

Gunslinger Girl Wall Scroll

Stylish and atmospheric, with a touch of dark romanticism 13 serial anime fighter. Once, these girls had a happy childhood, loving parents and a brighter future ... But, it all disappeared in an instant. Cruel world deprived them not only families, but even their own bodies. Now they are the secret weapon in the service of the Government, half people, zapragramirovannye to destroy highly dangerous criminals and terrorists. The modified artificial body, the special skills to own martial arts and any kinds of weapons make them almost ideal machine for removing unwanted. Even though experienced mentors-men are always ready to help, the girls constantly risk their lives. But at heart they are ordinary children who fall in love, dream, friends.

Trinity Blood

Year: 2005

Production: Japan Genre:

Fantasy, drama, vampires Type: TV (24 ep.), 24 min.

Many years ago people made a huge mistake and that mistake cost dearly. A catastrophe, and swept across the planet Armageddon, people who remained alive, envying the dead, because the ills on the planet came to the mysterious creature. But people have experienced in my past with podobnymi.Eto vampires. Cycle of nature is cruel. People eat animals and birds. Vampires drink the blood of people. Perhaps somewhere there is one who feeds on the blood of these creatures! On whose side will this creature? What a fate, in a divided world war of vampires and humans? Who will be his friend, and who - the enemy?


Genre: Drama, psychological thriller

That's Mad House studio did not stand aside and launched a new project designed for a narrow circle of connoisseurs of fine art and non-trivial. You must agree, not everyone is interesting to observe the true experiences of a character, read in his soul and reflect on what they saw. This anime is the very idea of the total number of stands and is designed for fans of art house and those who like to think.
The first work of Osamu Daza «No Longer Human» tell us about the man who more and more closed in itself, insulated from external mira.Prodolzhitelnost history - four series.
Number two - the product Ango Sakaguchi «Sakura no Mori no Mankai no Shita», telling about a woman who fell in love with her kidnapper. Duration - two series.
This is followed by Soseki Natsume and the product «Kokoro». This is the story of a man who gradually reveals the secret life of his friend and mentor. History consists of two series.
The fourth in our list - the screen of another work Osamu Daza «Run, Melos!». This is the story of the Greek, beg off for three days with his own penalty to get to the wedding of his return home sestre.Zalogom protagonist leaves a best friend, on condition that other executions in his stead, if he is late or not at all poyavitsya.Kak expected, his return would be hindered by various people, circumstances, and he will flee in time to time and save the other. Salvation has two series.
The fifth and sixth works - Ryunosuke Okutagavy «Hell Screen», «The Spider's Thread». The fifth tells of a gifted artist Esihide tasked to draw a Buddhist ad.No basis of his talent is that he paints only what he saw or chuvstvoval.V result, for the sake of inspiration, he begins to torture and kill people.
The sixth novel - a small story about a criminal, go to hell for their countless pregresheniya.On an opportunity to escape, because, despite their crimes once committed a good deed - saving a little spider

Friday, December 11, 2009


Welcome to Tottori, and to start with, let us turn to history; long ago the imperial court of ancient Japan collected birds from across the country and ordered that the birds now will be paid tax. At that time, land, now known as Tottori, were filled with lakes and swamps, so many hunters have become caught in the neighborhood birds. After the reform, these people were called «Tottoribe» (those who catch the birds), because the Japanese word tori means bird. Thus, the name "Tottori" came to describe this area of Japan. Tottori Prefecture is located in the northeastern part of the region Chukogu, which occupies most western part of the main Japanese island of Honshu. The Japanese call China-Chugoku, and the region which is closest to the Chinese provinces - also Chugoku. The northern border Tol ori washed the Sea of Japan. Its coastline is famous for its white sandy beaches with pine trees growing on them, including the huge sand dunes. The southern border passes through the mountain chain Chukogu, the highest point is Mount Daysen. Although most of the mountainous prefecture of Tottori, the three rivers flowing through the territory of the prefecture, form a broad plain. Nature Tottori - is the sea, mountains, fields and all the beauty of the area - a harmonious connection of water, land and air (the latter element, as is known in Japan as precious as gold). Tottori Prefecture is exactly what attracts most tourists who want to look not at the houses, temples, museums and shops, and for natural air and mood. Although the houses and shops here enough. Of course, the first thing that attracts attention is the mountain which can be seen from the sea, it Daysen. Mount Dyson volcanic origin, ie in its time it was a volcano that erupted frequently, and thus grew up over the Sea of Japan, but then, thankfully, diminished. But on the mountain had once built a Buddhist temple - Dyson ji, who founded somewhere in the 718th year. Incidentally, if we lived until the Edo period, then climb the mountain, we would not be allowed without special permission and a special wire from the temple, but if you now want to go climb - you can only stop the lack of good physical shape. And in the caves of this mountain once occupied by monks, who bored idle world. But to us there is still rather early. From the mountains - right in the water, or rather to the waterfall Amedaki. Powerful water stream falling from a cliff 40 meters down, maybe not too much, but very beautiful. Lovely view of the falls allowed to include it in the 100 most beautiful waterfalls in Japan. Lake Togo, a lake and pond Nakaumi Koyama is one of the largest reservoirs of the city of Tottori. Tottori Prefecture is also famous for its ducks, mandarin duck, which can be found year round in lakes and ponds of the prefecture. I think in each prefecture or city has its own animal symbol, which is loved and revered by the Japanese. Why Mandarin, could not find, probably because of the high degree of these cute little birds. For lovers of hot water, or rather the hot and healing springs, Tottori will also be a good place. There is a unique and exciting resorts of water through the same healing waters - Misasa Onsen, located near the town Kuraeshi. In addition to providing services balneotherapy (spa treatment) Misasa aims to attract visitors to unusual entertainment. Here, in the local shops, under the guidance of experienced tutors available skills in the manufacture of ceramics, weaving and application design. But the biggest attraction of the area - it is the sand dunes of Tottori - a handful of sand, which formed as a result of the impact of water, wind and tides, transporting masses of sand, formed by weathering of the granite rock mass Chukogu where some 100 thousand years ago. Modern dunes are very different from what was, rather, they are reduced, and urban Management is trying to preserve them, because they are: first - only in Japan, and secondly, a strong factor in attracting tourists. A small karavanchiki go back and forth and attract the attention of all who visit these places. It even sounds strange: Japanese camel in the middle of Tottori sand. The feeling, of course, strange, look at the Japanese riding a camel, but the ride, as always, stands. This place is becoming widely known after the 1964th year in the new film "Woman in the Dunes", filmed here by director Hiroshi Teshigahara on the famous novel by Kobo Abe. Also, it is every year in Tottori Sand Sculpture Festival is held. From nature to people, rather to the festival Shan-shan - when the main street of Tottori buried in a variety of colorful paper umbrellas. An incredible sight: the real "dance" of colorful circles everywhere, it seems that just a colorful sea raging below you (if it is the top view, of course). Dance with an umbrella or Kasa-odori is very popular here, there is even a legend that long ago, somewhere in the Edo period, had a drought in this area, and an elderly man Gorosaku started dancing with an umbrella (CASA) in order to ask for gods of rain, so he danced to death and then began to rain. The Museum of Folk Arts is available with a very interesting collection of traditional local souvenirs - nagasibina, paper dolls in a red kimono. In March, during the national holiday dolls (Hina Matsuri) thousands nagasibina immersed in water of the river Fukurogava so that claimed over evil spirits, had come with the dolls away from children in the city. Also worth visiting the Museum of pears, and not simple, but tottoriyskoy pear - fruit character of the prefecture. In the museum detail the whole cycle of cultivation and growing problems with protection from typhoons and parasites. With panoramas, installations and three-dimensional short cartoons. Also, you can try pear and tea out of it the same. In the center of the room - a huge pear tree. On the second floor for all young visitors: a game room, craft room, a model of a pear tree and underground tunnels with all the inhabitants: a moving beetles, grubs, worms and moles gigantic proportions. Bee sitting on the tree, all sorts of birds, you can record with buzzing and croaking run. In the center of the capital of Tottori Castle Tottori is located, it is also called yamashiro - "Castle in the rock, built into the mountain itself, using natural obstacles, managed to build a wall that could not be built then the people. This castle is famous for its siege in 1581 to the year of Toyotomi Hee-deyoshi successfully besieged the city for 200 days. The siege ended, as the people of the city was no food, and noticed cases of cannibalism. Then it was badly damaged by the destruction, and an earthquake (1943) and fire (1952) almost completely destroyed it. After that, the city had to be built virtually from scratch. Many historical and cultural monuments have been irretrievably lost. Now very little remains of the castle, only parts of the stone walls and one gate, and the territory divided into the park. The main street of the capital - Vacas (with yap. Young cherry blossoms) divides the city, ending at the mountain. It was on it and pass all sorts of outdoor festivals and celebrations. And for fans of club life, Tottori-is paradise in the summer, when there is festival of San In Beach Party, which attracts DJs from all over the world. Here, as throughout Japan, there are many things for which you want to see who wants to feel, or taste, I hope my little excursion was of interest to you.